Thursday, July 16, 2009

Homeless Man Jailed For Not Paying Child Support..

...for a "son" that even the Georgia court acknowledges wasn't his.

Even after learning he was not the father, Hatley paid thousands of dollars the state said he owed for support. After losing his job and becoming homeless, he still made payments out of his unemployment benefits.

“This is a case of excessive zeal to recover money trumping common sense,” she said. “What possible legitimate reason can the state have to pursue Mr. Hatley for child support when he does not have any children?”

It may be difficult for Hatley to get out from under the court order, said Atlanta family lawyer Randall Kessler, who is not associated with the case. “It’s definitely unfair,” Kessler said. “But at the same time, he’s dealing with a valid court order.”

A valid court order? The court itself acknowledged that the child was not Mr. Hatley's yet it had no problem throwing this man in a cage. Forget the fact that they are putting an innocent man in prison (which is aggregious enough!), what kind of sense does it make to remove a man's ability to pay back "owed" money and in fact will only cost more money to house in a jail cell?

Point of information: the $16,398 that was supposedly "owed" for child support was not "owed" to the mother of the child - it was "owed" to the state. But then again, the state might as well be a mother - that's how they are viewed by the masses.

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