Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Liberty" Protestors Are Just Republican Hacks

There was a group of people holding signs advocating "limited government" as my wife and I were driving past Walgreens in Wentzville, MO yesterday afternoon. Other signs read something to the effect of "We've had enough" and "We're not going to take it sitting down", etc. There was also an individual holding a flag pole with the US flag above the Gadsden "Don't Tread On Me" flag and other references to "liberty".

Intrigued, I circled back around in order to ask the group one simple question:

ME: Do you also support bringing home the troops?
MAN: Sure.
ME: Sure or yes?
MAN: Yes.
This conversation took place as I was yelling from my car at an intersection, so it didn't allow for further debate or questions. None was really needed as I got the answer of which I was afraid and suspected.

I must clarify that his tone as he answered with "sure" suggested that bringing home the troops was an afterthought. He answered "sure" as though I had just asked him if he wanted a second helping of mashed potatoes, hence the need for my follow up question.

Assuming this man speaks for the group, these are just more jaded Republicans upset because their brand of government expansion is not being implemented. I wonder where these protesters were as Bush grew the government for 8 years? Where were they when Bush suspended habeas corpus? Where were they when Bush invaded Iraq and Afghanistan? Where were they when Bush bailed out the big banks and auto makers?

I asked the question about the troops because Republicans only seem to start being concerned about "liberty" when domestic spending is increased, but have no problem with the US expanding the empire abroad. Until the Republicans are ready to understand what liberty truly is, I wish this word were expunged from their vocabulary in order to protect its definition.