Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bush Got One Right

Savor that headline, Republicans, because that's where the accolades end.

President Obama on Monday signed an executive order removing restrictions on federal funding for stem-cell research that were previously put in place by President Bush. Another way to write that would be: President Obama on Monday continued his unwavering quest to commission billions of taxpayer dollars -- which we don't have -- to pay for [insert unconstitutional spending project here].

Bush accidentally got one right because he found a way to NOT spend federal funds, even though his reasoning had nothing to do with fiscal or constitutional responsibility.

Naturally, the religious right is up in arms because of the blurred morality line they claim this has crossed, but offer no criticism on the grounds of increased federal spending despite their feigned desire for limited government.

"The president has rolled back important protections for innocent life, further dividing our nation at a time when we need greater unity to tackle the challenges before us," charged Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner.

Where were the Republicans rallying in support of innocent life when George Bush ordered the execution of innocent lives in Iraq? Or should that just be chalked up to collateral damage?

Notwithstanding the issue of federal financing, couldn't supporters of stem cell research draw the same parallel that expended embryonic life is simply "collateral damage" and necessary in attaining the "greater good"?

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