Saturday, May 30, 2009

Against a Standing Army

"A nation without a standing army is worth fighting for."

This may not rank among the quotes of the historical greats, but I'd like to think that this collection of words I spouted during one of my rants to my dad will help present an ideological solution to the disasters created by US foreign policy.

This phrase has two meanings:

First, the actual idea of a nation without a standing military was proposed and supported by the founding fathers. It is this very idea that is worth fighting for because it removes the temptation and the ability for the federal state to engage an imperial and global policy, as well as an oppressive feudal domestic system.

Second, a nation that commits to a policy where there is no standing army is a nation worth defending because of the freedom that will unquestionably come as a result of such principled standards. It is this freedom that its citizens will fight for in the event of an attack on its land. Note: The probability of an invasion will be greatly diminished because of the nation's non-interventionist policy - even if only defacto due to its lack of offensive army - and its desire to attend to freedom instead of meddling in other nations' affairs. This nation's citizens will gladly and without hesitation pick up a weapon to defend its land.

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  1. I agree big-time on this. I kinda wonder what the defense would be during a nuclear age... but it is worth finding out I think.