Thursday, August 25, 2011

DC's Earthquake

This week's earthquake was a big tease for me. For a moment I thought my wish was being granted: that cesspool of a city falls into the Potomac.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

TSA: "State Your Purpose"

Another scary tale from my recent flying experience:

While herded through the security checkpoint at the Charlotte airport, I encountered one of these TSA goons using the new enhanced technique of asking questions to travelers in the line prior to the scanners. He selected the man behind me and here's how the conversation went:

TSA goon: "Where are you traveling today?"
Traveler: "Hartford."
TSA goon: "Business or pleasure?"
Traveler: "Business."

I would have loved to hear a response from the traveler like "None of your business, and also, where are you going when you leave work today?"

Why must your privacy be abandoned simply because you choose to fly? When are people going to have enough and stop complying?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

TSA, Military in Airports, etc

I got through the Charlotte Airport "security" checkpoint without having to use the radiation machine or fondled. Two for two today! If these machines are so paramount to national security, then by that logic, shouldn't the airplane I'm currently on be less safe? How are these planes still in the air without these "necessary" "enhanced" "security" measures? (each one of those terms needed its own unique quotation marks)

And like the rest of the deceived masses, the airport is no stranger to military glorification. US Airways has a special boarding zone for active military: first on the plane. Even before first class.

I'm not sure why this surprised me, but I saw an amazing number of uniformed military members walking through the airport. I shouldn't be surprised given the logistical mobilization effort the empire must undertake to make sure that its countless wars on numerous continents are continuously supplied with fresh new bodies to carry out its orders. There are foreigners on other lands that are threatening our "freedom" afterall.

No Porno Scan or Sexual Assault Today

I just cleared the "security" checkpoint at St. Louis Lambert Airport and was not forced to be eradiated or fondled. Things are looking up today!

Monday, August 1, 2011

TSA Ruins My Trips

I have to fly tomorrow morning for business. Unfortunately, instead of focusing on my work at hand or even simply enjoying the fact that I get to see new places on the company dime, I'm anxious about whether or not I will be selected for the "enhanced screening" in the radiation machine. If selected, I will be opting for the sexual assault instead.

Thank you once again, national security state.