Saturday, July 30, 2011

Debt "Limit"?

Why do they bother calling it a limit? It's never NOT been raised. Why do words mean one thing for the common folk but mean an entirely different thing to our "leaders" in government?

And now the establishment from both sides of this twisted government are bickering over typical partisan talking points, yet agreeing that the "limit" should be raised.

God forbid the empire's credit limit not be raised. How would Obama (and the Republicans and Democrats) continue to fund their pillaging war machine?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Government Expense Priorities

Have you noticed that any time a government is strapped for cash, the first thing they do is start threatening to take away the things that are actually needed by the people? When it’s local government trying to past a tax increase, first on the chopping block is always cops, firemen, and libraries. When it’s the federal government trying to either increase taxes (or raise the debt limit), first on the block is Social Security. Has it occurred to them that also in the expense category are bureaucrat’s pensions and salaries? Of course it has – but they have are of a higher caste.

New IPhone 4

I just got a new phone recently and am using an app to blog. We'll see how this goes. Good to be back.