Sunday, July 7, 2013

Nowadays, You Have to Think Like a Hero...

I recently watched "The Russia House", a movie with Sean Connery from the early 90s. His character, Barley Scott Blair, delivered what is now my favorite line from a movie ever: "If there is to be hope, we must all 'betray' our country; we have to save each other, because all victims are equal and none is more equal than others. It is everyone's duty to start the avalanche. Listen, nowadays, you have to think like a hero just to behave like a merely decent human being." I think of my hero Edward Snowden. His actions are heroic but should happen more than it does. It goes to show how many "decent" people actually work for the government. It attracts the lowest form of human life who desire to lord power over their fellow man. God speed, Edward.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Changing Definition of the Word "Patriot"

Don’t you love how the definition of the word “Patriot” has changed? Patriots of the old days were the ones that wanted to throw off the chains of the oppressive British government. They were the radicals, the minority, the risk takers. Today, a “Patriot” is one who salutes the flag, obeys the government, pays their taxes, hates muslims, hates “terrorists”, supports the troops no matter what kind of murderous genocide they commit, votes Republican (or Democrat, depending on the crowd), snitches on their neighbor for breaking the law, no matter how ridiculous or victim-less, etc, etc.

Friday, March 1, 2013

My Trip to DC

I was given the unenviable task by my work to visit the nation's corruption epicenter last week. Despite daily showers, I still can't wash the stench out. My visit was nicely capped off upon my departure as I'm greeted by the barely post-pubescent TSA stooge with a wispy mustache barking orders indiscriminately at the rest of us mundanes that everyone must take their shoes off before entering the radiation machine. I've traveled extensively over the past several years and never have I seen someone take such apparent pleasure in lording power over others. But I don't envision this jock will be in this position for long. With his blind and enthusiastic dedication to the state, his promotion is forthcoming. Soon he'll be collecting his tax-funded paycheck from behind a desk and ordering the next batch of unemployable misfits to continue the abuse. Such a lovely way of life. I hate everything about that wretched city.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dallas TSA - Just Following Orders

I just passed thru security at Dallas Love Field airport. The X-ray machine and metal detectors were both being used but most people were being shuffled thru the X-ray. There was a logjam of people at the X-ray in front if me so a TSA lady came up and shuffled about 5 people quickly thru the metal detector. If the X-ray machines are so much more effective than the metal detectors at stopping terrorists, we better hope that there's not a large group of people in front of a terrorist or else he may be hurriedly pushed thru the "less than adequate" metal detector and we're all at risk due to traveler volume!

I opted out of the X-ray machine and the TSA agent standing next to the metal detector attempted to entice me by saying that I would now be patted down. I asked that I simply be ushered thru the metal detector like the previous group but he insisted that I be patted down. So in order to get to the pay down area, I had to pass thru the metal detector. I asked why I still had to be patted down when I clearly just passed thru the detector without issue. He said that this was the procedure. He was very passive and unsure, which sure beats assertive and angry as is typically the case with these animals.

I was taken to a side area where I was explained in pain staking detail what was about to occur. I asked this guy why I had to still be patted down when I didn't set off the detector. He said that this was a question for the higher ups and that he was just following orders and this was the procedure. (looking back, I wish I would have asked him if he was familiar with the Nuremberg trials.). I asked "shouldn't procedure be rooted in logic?" He shrugged and walked away.

As I was gathering my belongings, I noticed a lady being taking behind a curtained off area and seemed upset. I waited around a few minutes so I could get an opportunity to talk to her. When she emerged from the security area, she was red faced and misty eyed. I asked her what she did to get the private pay down and she said that her bra underwire set off the X-ray. She said it was the most humiliating experience of her life and that the TSA lady was extremely rude. She said her patdown was retaliation for her asking questions about why she couldn't just get screened with the hand wand. (we've seen this before.) She was crying and profane. (who can blame her?) She said the TSA lady put her hands on her inner thigh and felt all the way up including "everything". That makes sense because the genitals are very close to the breasts, right? She said that she now hates to travel but can't get around it due to work requirements. She said that she wished that there weren't so many "sheeple" (her words). I told her that she wasn't alone and that more and more people are waking up and seeing things the way that she and I could see them.

She apologized for being profane to a stranger. We are both waiting for our apology from the TSA.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Rare Find

I was on my way to work this week and saw a car with both a Jesus fish AND and bumper sticker that read "Give Peace a Chance". This surprised me given the lust for war by so many "Christians". Perhaps this driver was a reader of Laurence Vance.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New TSA Procedures?

I just boarded the plane in Tampa and had to go through "security". They now have TSA goons checking bags AFTER the checkpoint while travelers are waiting to board the plane. Seriously, what is this accomplishing? Hassling people after they've already been through the metal detector or god forbid the porno radiation machine?