Friday, March 1, 2013

My Trip to DC

I was given the unenviable task by my work to visit the nation's corruption epicenter last week. Despite daily showers, I still can't wash the stench out. My visit was nicely capped off upon my departure as I'm greeted by the barely post-pubescent TSA stooge with a wispy mustache barking orders indiscriminately at the rest of us mundanes that everyone must take their shoes off before entering the radiation machine. I've traveled extensively over the past several years and never have I seen someone take such apparent pleasure in lording power over others. But I don't envision this jock will be in this position for long. With his blind and enthusiastic dedication to the state, his promotion is forthcoming. Soon he'll be collecting his tax-funded paycheck from behind a desk and ordering the next batch of unemployable misfits to continue the abuse. Such a lovely way of life. I hate everything about that wretched city.

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