Friday, July 17, 2009

God Bless Our...Snipers?

As I was driving today, I got behind a truck that appeared to be a Republican version of a hippie VW only with a different variety of bumper stickers. Alongside the four "Support the troops" ribbons and the two "Marine" decals was a bumper sticker that can only be described as troubling: "God bless our troops. Especially our snipers."

OK, I'll bite. As if it needs to be dissected beyond the obvious abhorrent message being presented, let's address the idea that God would not only support, but bless, murderers for hire. It's bad and deceitful enough when the war mongering propagandists parade out photos of the troops shaking hands with their confused conquests and hand candy to foreign children. But it's another level of repugnant to suggest that God blesses the vile state-sponsored assassins that even the most gifted spin artists would have trouble painting in a chivalrous manner.

And let's go further to dispel the collectivist myth that these are somehow "our" snipers. I don't support the theft of my money to pay mercenaries to invade foreign lands and kill men, women, and children who I have never met nor wish any harm.

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