Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ben Bernanke: Time Magazine's Person of the Year

Time Magazine has nominated Helicopter Ben as the person of the year. Despite the fact that present-day United State (intentionally singular) kings and "nobles" like to fancy today's government system as more progressive than the "barbaric" and "uncivilized" feudal system of yesteryear, CNN refers to Bernanke as "our mild-mannered economic overlord".

Well, give them points for honesty.

[hat tip to Jason]

See my previous postings on the Federal Reserve here.

Also of note: one of the runners up was Stanley McChrystal, a sadist tasked with the responsibility of spreading the empire and killing those unfortunate enough to be born on a different plot of soil.

UPDATE: click here to see Time Magazine's comically deceptive description of how the Federal Reserve works. This video is consistently effective in communicating truths, provided the viewer knows how to translate: believe the exact opposite of what is seen and heard.

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