Friday, July 24, 2009

Harvard Cop Was Out of Line

A lot has been said about the arrest of Harvard University Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. by Cambridge police officer James Crowley who was responding to a call of an alleged break in.

"While I was led to believe that Gates was lawfully in the residence, I was quite surprised and confused with the behavior he exhibited toward me," [Crowley] said, according to the report.

This officer was just upset that his subject didn't bow down and kiss his feet like he has come to expect from the rest of people. Once this tax critter realized that Gates was admittedly "lawfully in the residence", then he should have turned around and walked away. His presence is was escalated the situation.

I don't particularly condone Professor Gates' combative nature but I can't necessarily blame him considering there was an intruder in his home who would not leave. I'm more disappointed at how this has become a race issue which has only distracted the majority of people who don't recognize where the true battle lines are drawn: the king and his men versus the rest of the serfdom.

UPDATE: 7/27/09
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