Monday, May 4, 2009

Churchgoers More Likely to Support Torture

A survey performed by the Pew Forum on Religious & Public Life found that 54% of those who attend services at least once per week believe that torture can "often" or "sometimes" be justified against suspected terrorists. This is in contrast to the 42% of those who seldom or never attend church.

Initially I was going to draw parallels between church goers and the Republican party, but frankly, what's the point? It takes little intellectual capacity to link the Republican party to the Religious Right (see: the Moral Majority), and party affiliation is irrelevent in this particular application.

This data is a bit shocking when you consider the message that Jesus presented and then watch in awe as the hypocritical religious masses support the heinous act of torture. These are the modern day Pharisees that Jesus rebuked in the temple in the New Testament. What kind of garbage is being spewed from the pulpet?

Bush was elected (twice) because of the religious faction and one can confidently narrow the reason for support down to the predictable topics of abortion, gay marriage, morality, et al. What did Bush do in 8 years that helped to advance the pro-life movement? Yet in those same 8 years, how many lives were lost in the Middle East, both American and foreign? How can these people be so short-sided and inconsistent?

[By the way, Democrats, how is that whole Iraq pull-out coming along? Where is the peace movement now that the evil Bush is out of power?]

I guess the only way to protect the "suspected terrorists" from the "loving" church goers is to put them inside a womb.

[See Lawrence Vance's article.]

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