Thursday, April 23, 2009

Newsweek Ignorance

As I sat down in the lobby at the Red Cross over lunch today, the March 23 cover of Newsweek caught my eye.

Naturally this was like cat nip for me so I picked it up to pass the time.

What an amazingly inaccurate and mindless pile of incoherent drivel. How can such scripted diarrhea be passed off as real journalism? Are there no prerequisites to getting into the field of journalism? Have once-respected major news outlets borrowed a staffing page from the military human resources manual and implemented IQ caps?

And the funny thing is that I was so distracted by the free chocolate chip cookies they give out, that I didn’t notice until I drove away that I walked out with the magazine. Part of me considered turning around to give it back, but in light of another brilliant revelation found on the cover of Newsweek…

…I decided it was for the “greater good of all” that no one else read it. It remains in my car.

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