Saturday, March 28, 2009

St. Louis Aldermen Don't Pay Red-Light Tickets

Local government officials are finding out that it's not so fun being on the wrong end of the looting equation, and they have used their government position to correct this.

The same little men that pushed to get the red-light cameras installed have reneged on their obligation to pay the fines associated with their Orwellian creations.

[Alderman Stephen] Gregali said he received a ticket a few months ago and thought it should be thrown out because the light turned while he was in the intersection. Most drivers who want to contest a red-light camera ticket must plea their case in traffic court. Instead, Gregali forwarded his ticket to the police chief's office.

One wonders if a common man's success would match that of Gregali's if the old "the light changed while I was in the intersection" defense was offered up by an unconnected serf.

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