Monday, March 23, 2009

Despite No Charges, Police Still Keep Cash

A man in Indiana felt the long oppressive arm of the state first-hand when police stole $26,000 from him during a traffic stop, despite having not broken any criminal law or charged with a crime.

Police seized the money because the driver could not give an adequate reason for having that much money.

"If it's way, way over and above what a normal person will carry, and if things don't add up (on how it was acquired), we take the money," said Lt. Art Barile, head of the sheriff department's vice and narcotics unit and the Allen County Drug Task Force.

When quizzed by the government thug for a reason for carrying so much cash, one wonders if an "adequate" response from the driver would be "Because I don't trust your banks."


  1. This is the shit that really gets me pissed off.