Thursday, March 12, 2009

Caffeine Tax

Utah Representative Craig Frank has stated his intent to begin taxing beverages containing caffeine.

Are the lawmakers reading George Orwell and then proposing legislation based on what they've just learned?

Said Frank, another one of those "limited government" Republicans, "Some feel [the cigarette tax is] a tax on those who are addicted to a substance that frankly they enjoy [but] we say that's a harmful thing to do. At the same time, the government is addicted to the fee revenues, so in light of that, if we're really going to find a revenue stream on something addictive, why not cold caffeine?"

When the general population tightens their belts during this depression, why doesn't the government have to do the same?

Frank continues, "We're going after people who have problems with addiction for a revenue stream, only caffeine would be one that is more broad-based."

Representative Frank is correct about one thing: the American people do have an addiction, and that addiction is government.

Moreover, the politicians' lust for power is an addiction that is enabled only by the people's addiction to government. As is the case with all addictions, an intervention is needed; the last intervention took place in 1776. After more than two centuries of dependency of this drug, it is time for another intervention.

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