Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Government Corruption

As someone who peruses a wide variety of news publications, I see a decent dose of sporadic cases of government corruption peppering the headlines. This morning was no different. In fact, the leading stories on both and the online St. Louis Post Dispatch detailed two cases of government corruption from two different branches of the government. These cases you’ll notice are becoming more frequent as the government machine continues to gain size and momentum.

Two Pennsylvania judges have pleaded guilty to fraud charges after receiving more than $2.6 million in kickbacks from youth detention centers.

Two St. Louis police officers have been arrested for obstruction of justice (among other charges and one of the officers has pleaded guilty) after stealing money from drug dealers; planting money, drugs, and a gun; and then covering it up.

If these offenses are so egregious as to require fellow members of this same body of racketeers (The State) to prosecute and to further bring into question the legitimacy of their operation, one must wonder how many of these cases get swept under the rug and never make it to the light of day. And one must further wonder how the mainstream media, the consummate whipping boy and compliant shill for The State, allowed this information to be published.

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